About Us

Our mission is to provide a cozy, friendly environment for our customers while introducing the culture and spirit of traditional Japanese cooking through our dishes. We promise to use the best ingredients we can find on the market and make the best use out of them. 

Core Value

Respect is a very important spirit in Japanese culture. We show our biggest respect to our customers by serving the best food, providing a safe and clean environment and giving our most caring heart. We show respect to all ingredients by not wasting food. We show respect to every dish by utilizing every ingredient the best we can. We show respect to each and every one of our equipment that helps us finish our work perfectly. When all of these respects come together, it makes us focus and concentrate on giving the best dining experience anyone could ever have.

Story, History and Motivation

It all began with two ordinary individuals– a talented chef and a passionate waitress.

Chef, was loved and admired by his customers and colleagues. Taking a step beyond cooking for fun, he wanted to share the beauty of Japanese cuisine to the rest of his community. His creativity and passion eventually led to the establishment of Tsukiji. In fact, some of our popular dishes you see on our menu were created by him!

Waitress too, had a heart for people as she strived to make every customer leave with a smile on their face. Customers often trust her recommendations to decide what their course of meal will be. Together with chef, their combined efforts led to the opening of the restaurant in 2003. 

Throughout the years, Tsukiji faced many difficulties and hardships. Unfortunately, chef [name] passed away a few years after the restaurant opened, but his legacy lives on. Despite the negatives, our restaurant has experienced many highlights. We’ve expanded our team, restaurant space, and most importantly, developed many meaningful relationships with people in our community. 

We’re grateful and proud to have many loyal customers and we aim to continually share the culture and spirit of traditional Japanese cuisine through our dishes and service. 

Original: “The chef is very talented and he gained a lot of fans who loved his food before the restaurant was opened, he created many great dishes that are very popular on our menu right now. He is considered a legacy in the industry. 

The waitress is very passionate and makes every customer leave with a smile on their face. She knows how to make a customer happy and satisfied, they often trust her by letting her decide what they will have for dinner. The restaurant was opened in 2003. It survived many difficult times. The talented chef passed away a couple of years after the restaurant was opened after we were joined by Chef Kobayuahi who is very talented at traditional Japanese cooking. Unfortunately, he also passed away in 2018. Our current head chef is the last apprentice of Kobayashi san, he is a hard-working chef who is best known for Sashimi and cold appetizers. He promises to carry on the legacy with great food from before and create more in the future. 

Our biggest motivation is to leave customers with a satisfied smiling face.”