Aburi & Nigiri


Aburi is a specific style of sushi that is usually seared with a blow torch or other searing method.  This method of preparation ensures the natural flavour of the seafood is sealed in, while the center remains soft and supple.


The fattiness of salmon creates a rich grilled surface and a creamy center for every single bite.

Hamachi has a milder taste than other fish, but is firm to the bite with a silky finish.

Kanpachi (yellowtail) is a popular fish for its flavour. It has a subtle ocean flavour with punches of sweetness.

Shima aji is fatty, yet its flesh is tender and buttery. Its texture is firm and characterized by a sweet finish.

Madai (sea bream), a very popular fish in Japan, is a mild fish that tastes sweet, light, and refreshing.

Otoro (very fatty), one of the most prized cuts of tuna, is rich and decadent. It is so tender it melts in your mouth.

Hata (grouper), a highly prized fish and rare menu item, is known for its mildly sweet flavour and firm texture.

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Amaebi (spot prawns) are cold water shrimp known for their sweet taste. It is a sweet delicacy best enjoyed raw.

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Hotate (scallops) are usually served with a sprinkle of citrus or house sauce. They have a sweet taste and soft texture.


Nigiri is a specific style of sushi made with mounds of rice topped by raw or cooked fish. The word nigiri comes from nigirizushi, which means “hand-pressed sushi” in Japanese.


Unagi (eel) is characterized by a subtle sweet flavour with a light chewiness.


Tako (octopus) is tenderized and usually boiled to help highlight its characteristically sweet flavour.


Tamago is a lightly sweetened egg omelet that is cut into small rectangles for assembly.


Hokkigai (surf clams) are usually boiled lightly. They are meaty and sweet, and are at peak flavour in the winter.

Foie gras

Foie Gras, made from fattened goose livers, is one of the most rich and creamy decadence dishes you may ever try.


Anago (salt water or conger eel) is relatively fleshy with a rich ocean flavour.


Mirugai (giant clam) has the crunch of a cucumber, while its meat is tender with notes of a naturally sweet shellfish. 


Inari is a lightly sweetened tofu pocket stuffed with sushi rice and fried. It has a slightly spongey texture.


Ika (squid) has many different types depending on the season. Each kind has a different texture and taste. 


Ebi (tiger shrimp) is lightly boiled and shocked in an ice bath. They are semi-firm and have a delicate sweet taste.  


Uni (sea urchin) has a big strong flavour with a creamy texture. Sometimes it comes with a minor bitterness.


Kani (crab) is served cooked and then sometimes flash frozen. Its flesh is tender to the bite and sweet to the tongue.


Massago (smelt or capelin roe) is a bit salty with an ocean flavour. It has a slightly crunchy and sandy texture.


Ikura (salmon roe) are plump rounds of briny ocean that “pop” in your mouth.


Tobiko (flying fish roe) is characterized by tiny orange or red crunchy eggs.

Chopped scallop

Chopped scallop has a mild flavour on the seafood spectrum and its texture is smooth and firm.


Toro, the most tender cut of tuna belly, has a rosier flesh with a fresh ocean flavour and a smooth but firm bite.


Chutoro (tuna belly – medium fat), second to otoro, has a dark red flesh that is rich and meaty without being oily.

Aburi & Nigiri
Aburi & Nigiri
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